Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Back to India for Patch Review

Back to India and work !

After having a word with the mentor, I have already submitted a raw patch, so that it can be tested by others and I can get some early feedback.
You can find the patch here.

Regarding the to do's,

-> Changing the volume, pitch and rate is working. For the volume part, I had to modify the nsISpeechService.idl so that we can also pass volume parameter to the speak() function.

-> the boundary events give a correct timestamp now. I have used a window's in-built function for this.

-> I have tested the Pause and the Resume button. They are working perfectly.

Aim for the next week :

-> To test the cancel functionality

-> To make Sapi concurrent, so that we can have two browser windows using it independently.

Both of these will require a lot of testing.

The plan is to complete the work for windows in next two weeks, so that I can jump to the next platform.

Hopefully, by the next post, I would have completed all the major functionalities.

Stay tuned !

And, I have received the mid term payment :)

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