Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mid-term is here !

After running the first version of the Sapi Service, it has been comparatively less challenging to add more functions to it. I have added the following this week :-

-> speak function is working for each call now.

-> I have added the following events support -> start/end of speech, word and sentence boundary.

-> The stop/pause/resume/interrupt functions for the speech.

-> Selecting a specific voice for the speech

These all functions have been tested here :

The to-do’s for the next week would be:

Adding the support to change properties of the speech such as Pitch, Rate and Volume.
And then, after testing each functionality thoroughly, submit the patch for reviewing.

This week is also the mid term week. I am running a bit behind my schedule, but I have almost completed the Speech Adapter for windows, that was aimed for the mid term evaluation. The delay has been due to the time invested in learning the windows api.

And.., Mount Fuji awaits this weekend. Will update more in the next post.
P.S. Tokyo has awesome weather.

Stay tuned for more :)

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