Friday, August 15, 2014

Its Independence Day !

It works !

The Text-to-Speech API on windows is working completely and I have submitted the patch for the review.
I have not added the support for concurrent speech however and it will be taken care of at a later stage.

Here is the web page, where you can test all the functionalities of the API. Each word is highlighted as it is spoken. You can try out the new patch from here

I will soon be uploading a video,  where you can see the API in action, without trying out the patch.

Regarding the further work, I have already started on Mac and the good news is that, I have the speak() and getVoices() methods working on it.

Next steps would be,

> to get the patch for windows reviewed and landed, as soon as possible.

> to add more functions to the Mac API.

P.S. A very happy Independence day to all fellow Indians :)

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