Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tokyo, Mac and Mozilla !

Yes, I am in Tokyo currently and will be staying till July. This is a place where you can get Beer from the vending machines on the streets :D
I have been between places for the past few days, so have not been regular in posting the updates on my project. But I promise I will be regular from now.

Coming to the project,  after spending hours on it, I have finally managed to make significant progress now. It has been quite challenging to dive simultaneously into the completely new windows APIs and the Mozilla codebase and then, integrating the two of them. But the support of this awesome community is what drives me to get through every hurdle I get.

I have a very basic version of Sapi Synthesis Service running on my system :D .

The current status of the service is that it supports speak() and getVoices() (details about each voice) methods (and some other minor methods also) The speak() method right now, works only for the first time, as I haven't implemented nsISpeechTask and nsISpeechTaskCallBack interfaces right now.
That would be the first to do in the coming week.

I have also committed all the functionalities of speech api to my Sapi Git repository here , for the reference.

Next to do's would be:
-> completely working speak() function
-> handling the pitch, rate etc. qualities
-> adding the tts events.

Also, I would be soon be writing about the my experience in writing the code till now and the difficulties that I have been facing, so that it serves as a good reference to others.

Keep an eye out for the next post :)

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